The Way of Saint James

The Way of Saint James (French path) or the Path of Stars («El Camino de las Estrellas) , is The Way of Saint James by excellence. From the border between Spain and France in Roncesvalles until Santiago de Compostela in the Spanish Atlantic coast, The Way of Saint James is a nearly 800 kilometre westward journey on ancient path.

The Way of Saint James can not be described, it’s the pilgrim who, step by step, must discover the diverse landscapes and places that are offered throughout the road. Through the ancient and enigmatic stones that mark the routes and make the roads, bridges, chapels, churches, cathedrals, monasteries.  Which are simply the footprint left by our ancestors, whose goal was to reach eternity, there at the «end of the earth».

There are many reasons to make the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela: religious, sporting, cultural, culinary, etc. Whatever your reason, it’s a unique experience worth living.

After nearly 800 kilometres, when you arrive to Obradoiro Square, the end of this journey, a host of emotions run through your mind: joy, pride, satisfaction, etc.

I personally felt a deep sadness; that the wonderful experience through Spain from east to west had come to the end. Gone were many days of suffering, loneliness, joys, cold, heat, and sharing many wonderful hours with the people that I love and who I share my life with. At that moment, I discovered that the objective of The Way of Saint James is not to arrive, the road itself is the reward … perhaps like life itself!

Good way, pilgrim!

Camino de Santiago

The Way of Saint James

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