The Sun has the largest recent eruption

Last Tuesday, the Sun had the largest eruption in the last four years, a sign that heralds a new cycle of activity after a long period of calm, NASA has reported in a statement. The mass ejection, which occurred exactly at 01.56 pm (Spanish time) has been classified in category 10, the highest category, said the space agency.

SDO Space Observatory (Solar Dynamics Observatory), which was launched in February of last year in order to analyze the solar activity, recorded the large flame in a very active region, in the southern hemisphere of the Sun, corresponding to the spot number 1158. The southern hemisphere of the Sun has behaved with less activity than the northern hemisphere in recent times.

The eruption was preceded by several less powerful explosions in previous days. It was accompanied by a coronal mass ejection, a powerful magnetic explosion on the Sun’s corona, which projected into space an ionized plasma about 900 km/sec. On February 18th, the geomagnetic storm reached the Earth«s orbit.

The large solar flares can cause serious disruption of telecommunications, in the power distribution systems and satellites, but NASA dismisses that Sun eruptions may causes huge problems.

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The Sun has the largest eruption

The Sun has the largest eruption

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