Spinning (Cycling)

From two weeks ago, I’ve been practicing spinning or cycling regularly, twice a week.

As you may know, spinning (also known as cycling, indoor cycling or cycling roof) is an aerobic activity that is performed with a stationary bike in a room to the beat of music.

It seems like it was created by an American cyclist (Jonathan Goldberg) in 1992 when he was looking for a group aerobic exercise like aerobic, steps, etc.

This activity has a many health benefits:

  1. Strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory system.
  2. Burn calories.
  3. Lower cholesterol.
  4. Strengthen legs.
  5. Etc.

I must say that prior to the first class I had my doubts: All these kinds of classes with loud music and with a screaming instructor, they seemed unattractive to me. But a friend persuaded me to go!

The first class, I didn’t love it very much. Riding a bike and pedaling for an hour didn’t seem the best way to spend time. But I went again and again.

In the third session, the class was improving. Everything is in getting the rhythm of the music, and strange to say but once you catch the trick it’s like dancing on the bike.

It’s Very fun and recommended. The most important thing is that you don’t realize that an hour has passed and you have done an good aerobic exercise. You feel refreshed after a boring day of work at the computer.

A good experience worth trying. But above all, don’t despair in the first sessions: try three sessions in a couple of weeks, you’ll see that you’ll feel better every session.



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