Pedra en Sec or GR-221

The trek of Pedra en Sec or GR-221 is a long distance trail that passes through the Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca from end to end.

It’s called Pedra en Sec (Dry Stone) due to the large number of buildings made with  dry wall construction  that we can find along the way: banks, mines, walls, etc.

The trail is about 283 km (175 miles) and uses, for the most part, the old roads that run close to the highest peaks of the Sierra de Tramuntana in Mallorca, which in many cases exceed 1000 meters altitude.

When the path is completed, it will link the town of Andratx with Pollença in 8 segments, crossing the Sierra de Tramuntana from west to east. At the end of each segment there will be a shelter, but villages that we find along the way also offer shelter.

The segments go through distinct landscapes: coastal areas, areas little or no inhabited, towns and villages, farmland, forests and the highest peaks. They all have a significant presence of the Pedra en Sec (Dry Stone) buildings in the form of  walls, terraces, roads, houses, etc.

Many of the shelters are located in places that can be considered natural viewpoints and, at the same time, they all are associated with very important assets of the Serra de Tramuntana, both ethnological, and natural, historic or cultural.

The shelters at the end of each segments, sorted from Andratx to Pollença, are:

– La Trapa: An old monastery founded by monks exiled from France in 1810.
– Sa Coma d’en Vidal: A rustic mountain home.
– Banyalbufar – Esporles: Not built yet.
– Can Boi: An old Deià  townhouse.
– Muleta: An old telegraph station built in 1912.
– Tossals Verds: A rustic mountain home.
– Son Amer: A rustic mountain home.
– Pont Romà: An old slaughterhouse of Pollença.

The route that we propose here consists of five segments: from Valldemossa to Pollensa. Only five segments have been built actually, the rest are still under construction:

– Segment 1: Valdemossa – Deia
– Segment 2: Deià – Sóller or shelters of La Muleta
– Segment 3: Sóller o shelters of La Muleta – Font des Prat o shelters of Tossal Verds
– Segment 4: Font des Prat o shelters of Tossal Verds – shelters of Son Amer or Lluch Monastery
– Segment 5: Shelters of Son Amer or Lluch Monastery – Pollença

The segments are the following distances and slopes:

– Segment  1: 8 Km (5 milles)  – Positive Difference 520 m – Negative Slope 800 m.
– Segment  2: 10 Km (6.21 milles) – Positive Difference 310 m – Negative Slope 320 m.
– Segment  3: 30 Km (18.50 milles) – Positive Difference 950 m – Negative Slope 400 m.
– Segment  4: 16 Km (10 milles) – Positive Difference 900 m – Negative Slope 700 m.
– Segment  5: 17 Km (10.60 milles) – Positive Difference 200 m – Negative Slope 700 m.

You can access the rest of the information about this route in the following link: Pedra en sec – GR 221 – Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca.

Pedra en Sec - GR221

Pedra en Sec - GR221

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