Las Clavijas de Cotatuero

Some weeks ago we went to Ordesa and Perdido Peak National Park (El Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido) in the Huesca Pyrenees.

There are a lot of excursions in this park that you can do. Most of them are of medium difficulty, without any technical complications. Most trips begin at La Pradera, where you can find a bar, a restaurant, and some services such as a shop and a park information office. It is also the busiest area, but luckily most people just follow the river up to La Cola de Caballo, a beautiful waterfall inside in the Soaso Range. In fact, this trip is known as the Superhighway to Ordesa. If you have been in the park during Holy Week you will know that this name isn’t an exaggeration.

When we went to Ordesa Park, we hiked the Hunters Route (La Ruta de los Cazadores), a nice trail halfway between La Pradera and the Soaso Range on  the southern slope. The next day we hiked Faja de Racún, the same route but this time on the northern slope.

Both trails are great and you can get an idea of the park ecosystem, as you walk away from the bustle of La Pradera and surrounding areas.

Before we went to the park we heard talk about the famous «clavijas«. They are a few air steps in the mountain walls, created by metal pins inserted into the rock, like stairs. So we couldn’t contain our curiosity and, from the Faja de Racún, we approached to Las Clavijas de Cotatuero.

Just say that we tryed to climb up them, and I wasn’t able to climb over the first step. Once I was stopped in the first pin, after looking under my feet and seeing a free fall of about 200 meters, I decided to return to the starting point.

Then we saw people climb up them, but honestly I think it’s crazy to climb them without a harness to secure ypurself and minimize the risk of  falling.

We now have an excuse to return to the Ordesa Park: We will go to climb Las Clavijas de Cotatuero but next time we will go with a harness to avoid unnecessary risks).

Clavijas de Cotatuero

Clavijas de Cotatuero

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