Japan has suspended the whaling

Japan has suspended its controversial whaling in the Antarctic due to harassment by environmental organizations. In particular, Associations as Sea Shepherd, who have staged collisions, have launched corrosive acids and have chained themselves to the ships, to force the Japan whaling ship called Nisshin Maru to stop its annual catch for security reasons. Japan, Iceland and Norway are the only countries that continue whaling. Tokyo adduces scientific purposes in whaling.

The truth is that this activity is becoming less cost effective because the Japanese people consume less and less whale meat everyday.

This suspension only take place during this year. The organization Sea Shepherd has already predicted that they will proceed in the same way next year if the Japanese whalers return to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, established in 1994.

It is unfortunate that, despite being a protected area, Japan has hunted whales in this region since 1987 without interruption, adducing scientific and research purposes.

In 2005, researchers at Teikyo University published a study which showed that 90% of the costs of «investigations» were covered by the sale of meat for consumption. The environmental organization Sea Shepherd believes that through this action, this year will save 900 whales in the region.

More information at: http://oceans.greenpeace.org/es/our-oceans/la-caza-de-ballenas/antarctic-whaling

Japan has suspended the whaling

Japan has suspended the whaling

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