Internet, another climate change victim

Climate change threatens communication that should be protected from the hottest summers and wettest winters. This is one of the claims of a report by the United Kingdom that was published this week.

The Ministry of the Environment has ensured that high temperatures could affect wireless communication, that rain storms could impact the reliability of signals, and that temperature changes in summer and winter could damage  telephone poles and underground cables.

For the U.K Government, these examples demonstrate that developed countries could be affected by climate change in a different way than developing countries.

The chapter in the report about telecommunications is contained in a text which also analyzes the impact of climate change on other infrastructures such as energy or transportation. The government says that the impact of climate change in telecommunications has not been well evaluated.

For example, other phenomena that may affect the quality of telecommunications are the change in vegetation that could affect radio waves or fallen trees over power lines.

A Greenpeace spokesman said that climate change will affect our daily lives in chaotic and unusual ways. This perspective reinforces the need to combat the increase in air emissions, reinforcing the urgency to think about a «green economy».

Trees over power lines

Trees over power lines

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