Hungry for attention


76,000 people have already signed the petition that 1st world countries pay attention to the 195 million malnourished children. But it isn’t enough.

It’s necesary that more people demand improviments in international food aid. It’s outrageous that current food aid doesn’t cover the nutritional needs of children to grow and develop fully and be healthy.

NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION: Sign the petition «Hungry for attention» now.

We’ve gone to the street to get more support and more coverage for this campaign: February 1st, we started in Barcelona; for four days, we will be projecting photographs on a large screen about children affected by malnutrition, as well as collecting signatures. You can see locations in this link.

You can shared this in social networks: Help us spread the campaign on Facebook and Twitter and get your friends to sign the petition. All signatures will be presented next spring at the G8 summit.

For more information go to

Hambrientos de atención

Hambrientos de atención

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