Hiking in Madiera

Madeira is a complex island for its orografy, with strong contrasts between the south coast, warmer and populated, and the north coast, green and wet, dominated by a central mountain called Ruivo Peak (with 1,861 meters of altitude) and a large plateau.

Hiking is the main tourist attraction in Medeira. It has 2,500 kilometers of trails and “Levadas”, an endless network of canals to carry water between the different parts of the island.

In general the routes are well marked. The “Levadas” don’t present any difficulty, and the other many trails are marked with appropriate signs of PR or GR.

To do one “Levada” it is indispensable to carry a flashlight and a waterproof raincoat. Also in some of them you must be extremely careful because they have very aerial zones without protection.

All the tours that we propose here are the most spectacular of the island (in Spanish):

  1. 25 Fontes – Cascada do Risco
  2. Boca do Risco – Espigao Amarelo
  3. Caldeirao Verde
  4. Camino de la Costa de Sao Jorge
  5. El balcón de Ribeiro Frio
  6. Levada Nova
  7. Península de Sao Lourenço
  8. Pico Arieiro – Pico Ruivo
  9. Pico Ruivo
  10. Ribeiro Frio – Portela

We´ve also left the link to download the tracks and waypoints of all these routes: Tracks and waypoints hiking in Madeira

And if you prefer the PDF: PDF Hiking in Madeira

Senderismo en Madiera

Senderismo en Madeira

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