Gps kit for Iphone 3g

I’m going to explain to you in a series of post, three applications for the Iphone 3G that leverage its incorporated GPS technology that can be useful for our excursions in the mountains:

  1. GPS KIT
  2. MyTrack
  3. Trailguru

In this post I’m going discuss the features of the GPS Kit application.

The price of this application is € 7.99 in the App Store and it allows us to obtain certain information such as speed, average speed, altitude, distance and position (longitude and latitude, etc.).

One of the main features of this application is that it helps us to create «tracks», ie the application is capable of storing the position each few seconds and then drawing our route on Google Maps or Google Earth. At the end of our tour we can send these tracks by email in a KML file.

On the other hand, It also allows us to create Waypoints, which anable us to highlight the important places of our journey.

One interesting option is the Map, which helps us place ourselves in Google Maps with sufficient accuracy. To do this, obviously we must have GPS coverage, and also 3G coverage to download maps from Google Maps, which in the mountains is unlikely.

Some features of this application are:

– Maps (Google Maps)
– Quick View route and direction arrow
– UTM coordinates
– Several tracks storage
– Unlimited track points
– Waypoints
– Stadistics course (length, time, altitude, etc)
– KML Routes
– Lock screen and brightness control

The only drawback of this application is that to trace one route the iPhone must be turned on all the time while using the GPS,. This means that the battery will drain quickly. When the application is turned on, the battery life is little more than an hour.

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