Galileo system is delayed

The European Commission (EC) has just reported that the Galileo Project will increase by 1,900 million euros, the European network of satellites that will be an alternative to the U.S. GPS program.

The additional cost will not be an abandonment of the project, but it means a delay until at least 2020, six years later than expected. If it is delayed too long, other systems could appear, and then the Gelileo System impact will be reduced, said Dagoberto Salazar, professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC) in the Aerospace Campus of Castelldefels.

He’s making reference to the Russian and Chinese systems, as well as to the modernized GPS, which could be operational before 2020.

As you know, Galileo is a global navigation satellite system developed by the European Union in order to avoid dependency on the GPS and GLONASS systems. Unlike these two, Gelileo System will be for civilian use.

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Galileo system is delayed.

Galileo system is delayed.

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