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, there are some worthwhile, plbalyae, free Flash games. And as we all know, it’s the games that seems to interest people the most. And for web-based games, it appears Flash does it best. Score: Flash +1sIFR text. Flash provided web developers a relatively easy means to create interesting typography, either by using fonts not typically installed on a user’s device or by animating the typography (or both). Flash was the first tool to deliver this capability (used to the extent that developers implement it) in a product with widespread use. However, HTML5 can handle this task with much lower overhead and without the need to install extra software the browser supports it natively. Score: Flash -1Audio/Video content delivery. Flash can deliver animations that can be delivered with less bandwidth than if the same animation were encoded as video content. That mattered several years ago when internet connection speeds were measured in kbp/s rather than Mbp/s, and before streaming was mainstream (enjoy the pun). Now that robust video content can be delivered easily (through better encoding standards and high-speed connections), user expectations are reaching beyond cheesy animations into true video (and even hi-def) content.Flash also delivers audio and video by acting as a container for that content. In this case, Flash provides no added-value to the consumer. Web designers use Flash to create their own custom interface (play, forward, reverse, stop buttons, etc.), but this hurts the user experience more than it helps it by creating non-standard, confusing and sometimes conflicting user interfaces for what should be a standard, predictable interface presentation. Further, the same audio and video content can be delivered without Flash. In fact, were it not for the Flash containers on this media, nearly every user without a Flash player would be able to consume this content. If ever there was an argument that Flash is not necessary, this is surely it. Score: Flash -2 (one for audio and one for video).So, realistically, the only reason for Flash is for Flash-based web games. The only other reason why consumers would use Flash is to get access to the media content that Flash is encapsulating. But without that encapsulation, we wouldn’t want or need Flash to deliver that media.In a nutshell: if another technology can deliver Flash-quality (or better) web-based games without added software/plug-ins and if that technology were to be significantly adopted, there would be no consumer need for Flash.