Els Ports de Beseit

«Lo Port» as the area’s people call «Els Ports de Beseit«, is a mountain range between the Catalan Pre-littoral Mountain Ranges and the Iberian System Mountains, and it is a formidable barrier between the plains of the Baix Ebre and the interior regions, like Matarranya and Terra Alta.

The rivers and gorges have made their way through the limestone of these mountains. We can find some wonderful gorges, one of the main attractions of this area: Gúbies del Parrissal, los Estrechos de Arnés, les Gúbies del Regatxol, las Gúbies del Vall Figuera, el Barranco de la Paridora, el Barranco de la Caramella, etc.

The other attractions of this area are the wildlife, represented by the wild goat known locally as Sauvatge (Capra pyrenaica hispanica), which is relatively easy to see, and vegetation, where you can find the southernmost beech forest of the Iberian Peninsula.

For these sites you can go on some very interesting hikes, such as the route of the «Els Estels del Sud«, a five-day trip and 120 km in this area that allows us to get near these wonderful places.

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