Earthquake in Turkey

Scientists say the land is in a intense seismic activity phase. After the Sumatra’s earthquake in 2004 that provoked a tsunami that caused more than 200,000 victims,  a season of major earthquakes gave way. Most recent:

  • Turkey: Magnitude 5.9 – March 8th – 54 victims so far.
  • Haiti: Magnitude 7 – January 12th – 217,000 victims.
  • Chile: Magnitude 8.8 – February 27th – 802 victims.
  • Taiwan: Magnitude 6.4 – March 4th – No victims.
  • California: Magnitude 5.9. February 4th – No victims.
  • Japan: Magnitude 7 – February 26th – No victims.
  • Papua New Guinea: Magnitude 6.2 – February 1st – No victims.
  • Solomon Islands: Magnitude 7.1 – January 3rd – No victims.

But scientists also suggest that the large number of earthquakes in recent years isn’t a special geological phenomenon. According to the scientists it could also be simply by chance.

Each year there is an earthquake of a magnitude higher than 8, about twenty between 7 and 8, and more than 100 between 6 and 7. So this year 2010 fits inside the average. In addition, scientists say it isn’t probable that the recent earthquakes are related between them.

Here’s an image with the geographic location of recent earthquakes. As data to highlight: two earthquakes of magnitude 7 in this year, one in Japan and another in Haiti. In Japan 0 vicitimas, in Haiti, unfortunately, with more than 200,000 dead.

Mapa últimos terremotos

Recent earthquakes map

Also, a small map is shown with the location of the latest earthquake in Turkey.

Terremoto Turquía

Earthquakes in Turkey

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