Dolphins in Cap de Creus

During the month of October 2009, a team of Wildlife Environmental Technicians of the Generalitat de Catalunya observed a group of 20 dolphins with four cubs off the coastline of the Natural Park of Cap de Creus (Alt Empordà).

The 20 dolphins are one of the largest groups seen in this region after the epidemic that took place two years ago.

The epidemic Morbillivirus, is a illness that particularly affects this species and in 2007 caused the deaths of 41 dolphins along the Catalan coast. The virus causes the infected animals to weaken and eventually died after beaching on the coast.

After the epidemic, the Department of the Environment activated a plan to care for stranded dolphins along the coast.

Yesterday’s sighting is a significant step in the conservation of cetaceans in Catalunya.

The group of dolphins was sighted about five miles from the Cap de Creus, while they were swimming in the waters of Submarine Canyon Cape, at a closer than usual distance from the coast.

The canyon is a major area of concentration of nutrients that are normally used by cetaceans and birds.

Recently, Environmental Technicians also detected significant concentrations of three different types of terns, an endangered bird species.

Delfines en el Cap de Creus

Dolphins in Cap de Creus

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