Cursa de Bombers 2011

Next 10 April, we will break a record: 20,000 runners will participate in Cursa Bombers Barcelona, a 10 kilometer race which runs every year through the streets of Barcelona.

If you want to participate, don’t wait until the last minute. You can sign up until the deadline: 3 April. 2,500 dorsals are already reserved for those under 26 years of year.

You have two options to register in the race: go to the following accredited shops or register online.

The registration fee is 15€Û if you have ChampionChip chip, or 17€ if you don’t. If you are a member of the Nike Running Club, with current license to 1 May, the registration is free. You can also participate for free if you buy Nike running material worth over 100€. In both cases spaces is limited.

This year, the Nike challenge will surprise you: «pipiolos vs Puretas«, which means young people versus old people. Do you know which team you are on?

Are you ready? Don’t worry. The «Lunarun» will begin on 17 March and training sessions will begin 19 March. All information related to these events and other updates about the race will be posted on Nike Running Spain’s Facebook page.

Later, also through Facebook, Nike will inform you about the podiatry service that will be at your disposal.

See you on 10t April in the «Cursa Bombers 2011«.

Cursa Bombers 2011

Cursa Bombers 2011

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