Ciber-Quijote on Youtube

Impressive, the Real Academia de la Lengua Española and Youtube initiative, which have proposed to videotape the complete book of Don Quijote de la Mancha by the famous Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes, and after upload the «ciber-quijote» on Youtube.

Anyone can participate. Just go to and click «Join». At this time, Youtube will assign you a text fragment of El Quijote. You have six hours to record your video with the text, and upload it on Youtube.

The inititive is open to about 2,400 «readers.» So we got down to work and we made our small fragment that we leave here:

The complete book video will have more than 71 hours in total, almost three days and three nights worth. And we’ll have to wait to watch the result when all fragmets have been read. The participation will be closed when all the fragments are recorded.

The famous first fragment was read by Victor Garcia de la Concha, director of RAE. The second fragment was read by the director of Google Spain, the company that owns the popular video site of YouTube.

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